The Premier League season is now well underway, which can only mean one thing – the latest edition of the popular EA Sports football game FIFA is going to be coming to the game’s shops very, very soon.

FIFA 17 hits UK stores on the 29th September, so there is just over a month until Saints fans – and everyone else who just loves to hate the game – can get their hands on the latest edition.

When they do, we will all be able to learn the latest ratings of the Southampton players on the game.

Steve Bardens/Getty Images Sport

In case you didn’t know, FIFA have a rating system that ranks each player out of 99 based on a wide range of physical, technical and mental attributes regarding their ability in certain areas of real life football itself. Their performance in-game is then reflected through their attributes, shown through their stats.

Saints had a wonderful season last time round, so we can expect to see some considerably high ratings for our boys for the coming season and we can take a look at how highly the new signings are set to be.

So, here is our prediction for each player and what we think their rating will be when the game is finally released on multiple consoles!