It’s that time of the year once again. Every 12 months, the world’s most popular sports video game grips excited gamers worldwide as EA Sports release their latest installment of the FIFA series.

Last month, we predicted the ratings for this year’s edition and this week, the official ratings were confirmed for the game which will be followed by the full UK release on Friday.

Last year, on FIFA 16, Saints’ top rated players were Jose Fonte (81), Dusan Tadic (79) and Sadio Mane (78). Who will be number one this time?

Whether you play the game religiously, hop on it from time to time in your free evenings or even just have a remote interest in how Southampton players have been rated this year, this is the slideshow for you.

YouTube: FIFA 17 – Make Your Mark – Official TV Commercial

These ratings are official as of the game’s release and have been sourced from the EA Ultimate Team Database. In case you aren’t familiar with FIFA, the game has a rating system that ranks each player out of 99 based on a range of attributes regarding their ability throughout the previous season. Their performance in-game is then reflected through their attributes, shown through their stats.

Are the ratings fair? Let us know your thoughts on the Saints ratings this year!