In a shocking turn of events, Southampton winger Dusan Tadic has vowed to never play for his native Serbia again whilst current manager Radovan Curcic is in charge, claiming that the head coach ‘humiliated’ him after dropping him from his latest squad ahead of the upcoming international friendlies.

Tadic has had a good season so far for Southampton, so it comes as a huge shock to see the regular fixture in Serbia’s squad dropped from proceedings by Curcic.

I play in the world’s strongest league and then I find out in the newspapers that I am no longer good enough to play for the national team.

Understandably, Tadic has been left hugely frustrated by Curcic’s decision, and the Daily Mail have reported that the Serbian will not feature again under the management of the 44-year-old.

Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty Images Sport

Someone could have at least called me and told me over the phone. This is humiliating and disrespectful, hence I will no longer play for Serbia while Curcic is in charge.

However, Tadic’s chances of international involvement for the upcoming years have clearly been swiped away from him as the 27-year-old himself even confirmed that he is not willing to come to terms with the decision and will refuse to play for his country after the bust-up with Curcic.

I don’t think Curcic is up to the task.

I’d like to be more positive but a coach who has not been in charge of a top team aiming for titles does not have the potential, the authority or the knowledge to lead a national team to victories…but I wish him and the team all the best.

What are your views on Tadic’s situation?